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Okay, Semagic impresses me again…

Wow! Okay, so Semagic impresses me yet again with something else it can do. Designed originally for LiveJournal, it now has branched out to support the MetaWeblog and Atom API’s used by other blogging platforms. Having now used it for most of 3 years, I have to say that it does so much to help me blog quickly. It’s one of the “secrets” that enables me to blog in the midst of the crazy schedule I have. The ability to create macros… and writing offline so you aren’t dependent on some website… all make it a fantastic tool.

But I have to say that this “Post to Multiple Journals” item on the file menu is just too cool. Here I am easily posting to post my LiveJournal account as well as a my WordPress.com account. Very nice!

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